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One in five men have motoring conviction

Women far less likely to break motoring laws

Young drivers are more likely to have accidents

Young drivers are more likely to have accidents

Men are far more likely to have a motoring conviction than women. The result is that male drivers typically pay more than female motorists, especially if they are aged 17 to 20.

According to research from the AA, men are almost one and a half times more likely to have a driving conviction than female drivers, with 18% of all motorists having been found guilty of a motoring offence. However, the trend for bad driving among men, when compared to women, appears to be shifting, with the gap in convictions by gender closing. Ten years ago, 11% of women had convictions, while today 15% now have one. In contrast, 20% of men now have a conviction compared to just 3% more than a decade ago.

‘Men drive further’

The AA‘s director of motor insurance Simon Douglas suggested that men are more likely to have motoring convictions because they spend more time on the road. He said: ‘The difference can be attributed to the fact that men drive on average, 20% further than women, according to the latest Department for Transport statistics, and are thus more likely to suffer driving convictions. However, this compares with a 40% difference in 2002 which accounts for the narrowing conviction gap.’

Car insurance premiums

The greater risk of making an insurance claim, especially among male drivers in their teens, accounts for the difference in the cost of car insurance cover. The AA has found that young men can pay twice as much as women of the same age. 

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