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Young drivers are better than Euro motorists

Young drivers perform well, but could do better

Young drivers most likely to drive drunk or on drugs

Young drivers are more likely to drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs

Young Brit are outperforming their European counterparts when it comes to driving, making them a better risk for motor insurers. However, they need to do even better if premiums are to fall.

Research from AXA reveals that drivers aged under 25 are less likely than young European motorists to make a car insurance claim, being 30% less likely to lodge a claim than those in France and Spain and 25% less than those in Germany. 

Speeding still a problem

However, 24% of young British drivers admit to speeding on the motorway, compared with the European average of 38%. The national average for UK drivers who significantly exceed the speeding limit on motorways is 21%. Just over a third of young British drivers admit to driving too fast in built-up areas, where the speed limit is 40mph, compared with just over half of under 25s on the continent. The national average for all UK drivers who exceed the 40mph speed limit in urban areas is 27%.

Drink driving

Young British drivers top the poll when it comes to drink-driving, with just 5% admitting to consuming alcoholic drinks before getting behind the wheel of their car. Young Europeans are far less sensible, with 18% admitting to drink driving. The national figure for all UK drivers is even higher, at 27%. 

AXA insurance director Craig Staniland said: ‘Young drivers are a concern for insurers and this research clearly shows that in key areas, such as speeding, young drivers are more likely to indulge in dangerous behaviour than others, and more work needs to be done to educate them about the risks.’

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