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New ‘eco’ washing machines use 3D technology

'Energy-saving' Panasonic washing machines range

Panasonic NA-148VA2 washing machine

Eco-friendly features on Panasonic’s new washing machines – including a 3D sensor, tilted drum and dedicated 15°C wash cycle – make them ‘some of the most efficient washing machines on the market’, according to the company.

Along with a ‘water-saving’ tilted drum, the five new feature ‘inverter’ technology, able to change the motor’s rotation and speed using information gathered from 3D sensors monitoring how the laundry is moving inside the machine. 

This approach, according to Panasonic, enables ‘a higher performance wash with a shorter cycle and lower water consumption’.

Panasonic washing machines

Other features include a 15°C wash cycle, auto power off, a ‘significantly reduced operation noise’, plus a larger 8kg capacity that fits more clothes into a single load. 

The washing machines are also pre-programmed with washing cycles suitable for different fabric types, including shirts, sportswear, baby clothes, bedding and delicate fabrics.

We’ll be getting some of these new Panasonic models into the Which? labs to see if they’re able to live up to their eco claims. In the meantime take a look at our washing machine reviews – including full product test reviews for the Panasonic NA-14VA1WGB and Panasonic NA-16VX1WGB and more information on washing machine efficiency.

Washing machine efficiency

Which? washing machines expert Vivienne Fitzroy said: ‘Manufacturers are increasingly talking about ‘energy saving’ washing machine features – we recently reported test findings on two other ‘eco’ washing machines – the AEG-Electrolux L645850LE Super Eco and Beko WMD78144 Xpress

‘However we don’t take green or eco claims at face value. Which? measures the water and energy consumption of all the washing machines we test, so we’ll see how these Panasonic models measure up under scrutiny.’

The five new Panasonic washing machine models – the NA-168VX2, NA-168VG2, NA-148VA2, NA-128VA2 and NA-147VB2 – are due to be rolled out across Europe during spring 2010, with specific date and prices for the UK yet to be confirmed.

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