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Panasonic launches American-style fridge freezers

American fridge freezers for UK kitchens

Panasonic has revealed its first American-style fridge freezers for UK kitchens, expanding its range with a side-by-side design.

Panasonic says the stainless steel (NR-B53V1) and Arctic white (NR-B54X1) fridge freezers have both been designed with energy efficiency in mind, and will be rolled out across Europe in spring 2010.

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American-style fridge freezers

American-style side-by-side fridge freezers have separate fridge and freezer compartments running the full height of the appliance, rather than stacked on top of each other like convention UK models.

The freeze compartment on Panasonic’s new models has been designed to cool independently of the fridge, and Panasonic claims internal sensors conserve energy by allowing the appliance to use minimal power at times of low use.

The stainless steel (NR-B53V1) model has an A++ rating, an accolade flagged by Panasonic as a world first in the US style side-by-side fridge freezer category.

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Fridge freezer features

A fruit and veg compartment in Panasonic’s stainless-steel fridge contains flashing LED lights, designed to mimic the blue and green hues of sunlight and help keep groceries fresh. We tested older Panasonic models with this same feature earlier this year – find out how they performed in our fridge freezers review.

The stainless steel model also has an extra-thin insulation sheet that takes up less internal storage space. According to Panasonic, this glass-fibre panel boasts 20 times more insulation than traditional materials.

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