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Panasonic launches ‘time-saving’ microwaves

Flatbed combination microwaves added to range

The new Panasonic NN-CF778S combination microwave

Panasonic has launched two new flatbed combination microwaves which, it claims, gives greater cooking capacity while saving you time. 

The two new 1000w combi microwaves are part of Panasonic’s flatbed combination microwave oven range and both come with 27 litre capacities, 1.3kw quartz grills and convection ovens. 

Flatbed microwave ovens

Flatbed microwaves do not have a cooking turntable. Panasonic claims the flatbed feature of its new microwaves offers greater cooking capacity which, in conjunction with its inverter technology, ‘guarantees uniform and even cooking’. 

Panasonic also says combination cooking, which uses microwave cooking along with conventional oven cooking and grilling, can reduce cooking times ‘by half to two thirds, depending on the food’ and will save you time in the kitchen.

Which combination microwave to buy? 

Which? has reviewed 94 of the latest microwaves, including 31 Best Buy microwaves we recommend and four Don’t Buy microwaves we think you should avoid.

Panasonic’s latest launches join the NN-CF778S combination microwave oven, which we’ve already put thought our rigorous tests. Read full test results in our microwave oven reviews to see if this model made the grade for a Which? Best Buy award. 

Panasonic combi microwaves

Which? microwaves expert Matt Stevens said: ‘Panasonic microwaves regularly impress in our tests and its flatbed range certainly offers micro-cooks some precious extra cooking space inside. Without a revolving turntable, cooking in a lasagna dish is now possible, so you’ll be able to fit a bit more inside these Panasonic microwaves. 

‘We’ll continue to test new Panasonic microwaves, including flatbeds, and we’ll publish the results in our online microwaves review.’

The microwave ovens are available now in white (NN-CF750W) or metallic silver (NN-CF7560M) and retail for around £260 – £280 each.

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