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Volkswagen Milano Taxi electric concept

Milano Taxi displays VW's electric ambition

Milano Taxi

Milano Taxi is just a concept for now

The latest electric concept car from Volkswagen comes in the form of a taxicab and is the ‘Milano Taxi.’ 

The Milano Taxi is a bizarre Volkswagen concept vehicle. Unveiled at the Hanover Trade Show, it depicts a future mass-market emission-free taxi, and is painted in the traditional green and black of taxicabs in Milan.

Its clean cut styling is said to be influenced by the 1950s Volkswagen Samba Bus, combined with the latest VW design language – most notably that seen on a succession of Up! city car concepts.  

All-electric VW coming in 2013

Volkswagen Milano Taxi

Front passenger seat area is used for boot space

It’s no secret that VW is working on production electric vehicles, which it hopes to bring to market in 2013. The Volkswagen Milano Taxi provides further clues not only about how the first of these might look, but also the drivetrain.

Powered by a single electric motor developing 113bhp, the Milano Taxi is capable of 74mph. The electricity to run this is provided by a 45-Kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, incorporated into the vehicle’s underside to maximise passenger space.

This gives the Milano Taxi an impressive range of up to 186 miles on a single charge. Volkswagen has also been working on the charging technology, and says 80% battery capacity is achievable in just over an hour.

Volkswagen Milano Taxi 2

Green and black are traditional cabbie colours in Milan

Concept taxi – the details

The Milano Taxi is both shorter and narrower than Volkswagen’s current city car, the Fox. Yet it’s claimed the two back seat passengers will have limo-like levels of legroom and masses of headroom.

This comes at the expense of boot space, however, as the main luggage storage area is where the front passenger seat would usually be. The roof is fitted with glass panels, while the driver and the passengers get customisable LCD displays for and fare pricing.

There are just two doors – a conventional one for the driver and a large, forward-sliding door for the passenger compartment.


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