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WhipCar launches UK car club with a difference

Private owners can lease their own car


Whipcar is the world’s first neighbour-to-neighbour car share service

WhipCar is a unique car sharing club that enables private car owners to rent out their cars for money. The novel car club business has just been launched in London, but intends to roll out to other parts of the UK by the end of 2010.

Unlike other car sharing clubs like Zipcar – who recently acquired Streetcar – this car club acts as a mediator between people wanting to borrow a car and people wanting to loan their car.

Private owners simply register their car on the WhipCar website and set a rental fee and lease time they are comfortable with. Then eligible car craving folk are able to browse their local area for registered WhipCars and select the car and rate that best suits them. Whipcar’s partners automatically ensure the driver for the journey too, so the owner’s personal insurance is never at risk.

It’s a very convenient and affordable way to rent a car for a short term period, and a very easy way for car owners to generate an extra bit of income, providing the business model can tempt enough car sharers to the site. One could argue that there people’s trust issues with something as big and expensive as their cars.

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