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Miele cooker hood ‘talks’ to your hob

Intelligent extractor fan reacts to hob settings

Miele Cabrio cooker hood

Miele Cabrio cooker hood

Miele promises steamy kitchens will be a thing of the past with its new cooker hoods, which switch on automatically when you start cooking.

Miele is currently exhibiting the Miele Cabrio extractor cooker hood, alongside a Miele induction hob, in the Philips House of the Future at Grand Designs Live.

Both the cooker hood and hob have been fitted with Miele Con@ctivity technology, which allows them to communicate with one another. The cooker hood detects when you begin cooking and activates its extractor fan automatically.

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Intelligent cooker hoods

Not only do Miele intelligent cooker hoods detect when you start cooking, they also identify what type of cooking is taking place on the hob and set their fan settings to suit.

If the hob settings are changed during cooking, the cooker hood adjusts its own settings automatically to operate at the ‘optimum level’ to eliminate steam and vapours, as well as grease and residue.

It costs around £390 to add Miele Con@ctivity technology to a cooker hood and hob, and almost all Miele hoods and induction hobs can be fitted with this technology.

Miele induction hobs

The induction hob featured in the Philips House of the Future is just one of many models available from Miele. Induction hobs are quicker and cheaper to run than other hobs – though more expensive to buy – and are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

They work by creating a magnetic field between a coil beneath the glass top and the pan (which needs to be made from iron). Electricity is passed through the copper coil magnet, creating electromagnetic energy which passes directly to the iron pan and induces a current which in turn releases heat.

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