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‘Naturewash’ cleans clothes with grass not water

Could waterless washing machines be the future?

Laundry product concepts exhibited by Electrolux at the Grand Designs Live show look set to change the way we wash our clothes.

The Philips House of the Future at Grand Designs Live 2010 featured two concept laundry products from Electrolux – Naturewash and Renew – which could represent the future of washing machines.

Both these products were finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2009 competition and offer innovative new ways to keep your clothes clean.

We’ve tested 188 washing machines, including four Electrolux washing machines, in our test lab. To find out how each model scored and to discover which washing machines we rate as Best Buys, visit our washing machine reviews.

Electrolux Naturewash

Electrolux Naturewash

The waterless washing machine

Electrolux’s Naturewash is a waterless washing machine which looks likes a sun lounger covered in grass. Users can sit or lie on Naturewash to clean or refresh the clothes they are wearing, or lay their clothes on it for a more thorough clean.

Naturewash uses negative ions to clean clothes made from special nano-coated fabrics, and users can select from three settings: clean clothes, grass scent and flower scent.

Electrolux Renew

Electrolux Renew

The intelligent steamer

Electrolux’s Renew is a smart steamer that ‘blasts’ clothing clean when you pass it between two steam blades. Using an infrared scanner and radio frequency identification it assesses your clothes to determine the correct temperature at which to steam them to ensure it kills bacteria but does not damage the fabric.

Its designer claims it is safe to use as it disables the steamer if an unidentified object, such as a hand, is detected. It also conserves space as it is wall-mounted and just 25% of the size of a standard washing machine.

Today’s best washing machines

Which? home editor Liz Edwards says: ‘Electrolux’s concept products, although interesting, are only ideas at present, and it may be many years until products like these become widely available.

‘Until then, if you want to make sure you get the most eco-friendly washing machine, you can use our compare washing machines tool to find models that perform well for energy and water use.

‘Plus, we’ve also reviewed the performance of when used with an energy-saving 30 degree wash.’

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