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New DeLonghi coffee machines for 2010

DeLonghi unveils bean-to-cup and pump models

DeLonghi coffee machine

Three luxury bean-to-cup coffee makers and a traditional pump espresso and cappuccino machine complete DeLonghi’s latest line-up of coffee machines.

We’ll be getting these new models in the Which? test labs soon – in the meantime you can read what our testers and expert panel of coffee taste tasters thought of 13 of DeLonghi’s current coffee machines.

DeLonghi bean-to-cup coffee machines

The DeLonghi ECAM 23.450.S and ECAM 23.420.SB are bean-to-cup coffee machines with built-in coffee grinders, allowing you to load coffee beans straight into the machine for a fresher-tasting coffee.

The stainless steel coffee makers come with a self-clean function, ‘easy-to-use’ digital display, adjustable quantities of coffee and water to make an ‘individually-tailored cup of coffee’ and thermostat temperature control. The ECAM 23.420.SB has a traditional milk frother while the ECAM 23.450.S comes with a ‘one-touch’ automatic cappuccino system and separate milk carafe.

The DeLonghi ESAM 6620 is the final bean-to-cup model, with similar features plus a memory function which ‘remembers’ your coffee preferences.

DeLongi pump coffee machine

DeLonghi traditional espresso maker

The EC152 is a traditional pump-style espresso coffee maker which, according to DeLonghi, comes with ‘traditional milk frother, stylish jet black finish, filter holder and tamper and removable one litre water tank’. It replaces the DeLonghi BAR14 espresso machine, which we’ve previously lab tested.

The traditional espresso machine comes with a one-year guarantee, while the bean-to-cup models each have a two-year guarantee. UK prices are yet to be confirmed – go to the DeLonghi website for more information.

Which? first impressions

Which? coffee makers expert Lisa Galliers said: ‘The new machines offer something for everyone; the EC152 will appeal to anyone wanting a more basic, traditional machine and those who like the experience of making an espresso themselves. The bigger, automatic, bean-to-cup machines will appeal to those who like the convenience of an espresso brewed at the touch of a button.

‘In our coffee taste tests, DeLonghi coffee machines generally achieve good scores whatever type of coffee is used. We’ll be testing some of these machines as soon as we can.

‘Coffee machines, in general, though, take some looking after to keep them working properly. The filters need to be unblocked and the machines need regular descaling to prevent blockages and leaks. The milk frother needs cleaning after every use, too.’

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