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Skoda announces ‘GreenLine II’ Fabia and Roomster

New Greenline Fabia will offer 89g/km and 83mpg

Skoda Fabia Greenline II

Fabia Estate adopts new Greenline II technology

Skoda has announced ‘GreenLine II’ versions of its Fabia Estate and Roomster models – bringing even greater fuel-saving technology to the range.

GreenLine is Skoda’s equivalent to Volkswagen BlueMotion – denoting the most fuel-efficient variants across its entire range. The Skoda Fabia Estate and Skoda Roomster now introduce GreenLine II, a second generation of fuel-saving technology.

Greenline offers 89g/km and 83mpg

It might seem curious that Skoda has chosen to introduce GreenLine II on the Fabia Estate rather than the Fabia hatchback, but this helps it stand apart from other similar Volkswagen Group products such as the VW Polo BlueMotion and Seat Ibiza Ecomotive.

And since the Fabia Estate is still claiming 89g/km CO2, eco-conscious buyers are gaining greater boot space (480-1,460 litres). That emissions rating is also matched by a massive 83.1mpg combined fuel economy, according to official EU testing figures.

The Roomster GreenLine II returns an official 67.3mpg while emitting 109g/km CO2 – not bad for such a practical people mover.

Skoda Roomster Greenline II

Roomster GreenLine II returns an official 67.3mpg

Skoda unveils new 1.2 TDI turbodiesel

In order to achieve this impressive fuel efficiency, Skoda has employed stop-start technology and a new 1.2-litre TDI turbodiesel engine.

The new 1.2 is a three-cylinder unit with high-pressure common rail injection producing 75bhp. Available in other Skoda Fabia and Roomster models, the key difference here comes with stop-start and brake energy recuperation.

Stop-start switches the engine off at idle, in order to save fuel in urban environments or during congestion – restarting it automatically as soon as the clutch is depressed. Energy recuperation takes the kinetic energy otherwise lost under braking and uses it to charge the electric systems.

Skoda claims a 4.2mpg improvement with stop-start overall and up to 7.7mpg in city driving, while recuperation saves 2-4g/km CO2.

Responsive driving experience

Using these systems means the Fabia Estate and Roomster GreenLine II models achieve efficiency gains with the same gear ratios as other models with this engine – saving costs and maintaining the same responsive driving experience.

However, in addition GreenLine II also features a ‘gear recommendation system’, which helps you pick the most efficient gear at all times, lowered suspension for better aerodynamics, and low rolling resistance tyres.

Pricing and performance details are not yet available, but we do know that both the Skoda Fabia Estate GreenLine II and Skoda Roomster GreenLine II go on sale later this year.


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