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The bagless vacuum cleaners with a difference?

Bosch launches new bagless cylinder vacuums range

Bosch GS60 bagless vacuum cleaners

Bosch claims its new bagless vacuum cleaners ‘revolutionise’ the way bagless cylinder models look and perform.

Each of the GS-60 bagless vacuum cleaners combines a ‘powerful’ motor and ‘unique airflow technology’ to sidestep what Bosch sees as ‘the problems of traditional bagless cleaners: loss of suction, average performance and uninspiring looks’.

We’ll be reporting back with our full lab test findings on one of the new Bosch models, the Pet Hair and Carpet, at the end of May. In general, though, choosing between a bagged or bagless vac shouldn’t be a matter of vacuum cleaner performance – it’s more a question of personal preference.

Our vacuum cleaner reviews section reveals our independent reviews and analysis of more than 100 vacuum cleaner reviews, including seven Bosch models.

Bagged versus bagless vacuum cleaners

Which? vacuum cleaners expert Vivienne Fitzroy says: ‘It’ll be interesting to see how these Bosch models fare in the Which? lab. Top performing bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners are in their minority – most of our bagless Best Buy vacuum cleaners are upright models. That said, two cylinder bagless vacuum cleaners were good enough to receive a Which? Best Buy accolade.’

Bagless vacuum cleaners are a hassle-free alternative to traditional bagged vacuum cleaners, and means you won’t have to pay for replacement vacuum cleaner bags. On the downside, emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner can be a little messy, as dust can spill out as you remove and empty the dust container. This may prove problematic for allergy sufferers.’

For more information on Bosch vacuum cleaners, take a look our best vacuum cleaner brands guide. We’ve also got advice on for your home.

Bosch GS-60 bagless vacuum cleaners

Bosch says the range – including the BSG6220 Power (RRP £229.99), BSG6225 Power Pet Hair and Carpet (RRP £249.99), BSG6235 Power Ultra Automatic (RRP £299.99) – have ‘SensorBagless’ technology to measure airflow and maintain constant suction, 2,200W motors and ‘low level’ noise.

The vacs are also equipped with high-performance Hepa filters – designed to keep small particles like allergens in the vac once they’ve been sucked up – that won’t require replacing for the duration their life and three-litre dust containers. The Pet Hair and Ultra Automatic models additionally have a turbo brush for picking up pet hair, and the Ultra Automatic comes with an ‘auto cleaning’ function.

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