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BBC embarks on electric road trip

Documentary makers to drive 4000 miles in an EV

electric car trip

BBC presenters Peter Curran (right) and Richard Scrase prepare for 4,000 mile EV journey

The BBC will attempt to cover 4,000 miles across Europe in a Think City electric car as part of a documentary series entitled Electric Ride.

The BBC documentary will be broadcast on Radio 4 from 19 June and will see a team of four drive through a dozen countries including Denmark, Germany and Portugal to investigate the ‘technology, infrastructure and political will behind the growth of EV culture’.

The team will employ a number of green driving techniques including gentle throttle application, anticipating road conditions ahead, driving with the windows up to minimise drag and carrying as light a load as possible, to help increase the range of this diminutive city car.

The expedition is scheduled to return on 7 July, so the Think City can compete in the Brighton to London Revolve Eco Rally 2010.

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