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Ethical investing rises to £9.5bn

Investment into ethical funds hits record high

Green investments

The first ethical fund was launched in 1984

UK ethical investment has hit a record high of £9.5 billion, according to new figures released by the Ethical Investment Research Service (Eiris).

The figure represents almost three quarters of a million investors in ethical funds, up from around 200,000 in 1999.

Ethical investment booming

Ethical and green investment has never been more popular. The last ten years has seen the number of ethical retail funds expand significantly, up from a dozen 10 years ago to almost 100 today. Companies offering funds include big-name businesses such as Aegon, Aviva and Friends Provident. There are also smaller, more specialist providers such as Triodos.

A recent Eiris poll found 44% of consumers would be interested in finding out about the ethical credentials of the next financial product or service that they buy.

Changing consumer attitudes

Eiris spokesperson Mark Robertson feels the trend will continue: ‘2010 is a critical year for rebuilding public trust in UK financial institutions. It’s clear that increasing numbers of consumers are turning to those financial institutions which offer financial products that make money whilst making a positive difference to the world.

‘The world is changing fast and many of the issues targeted by green and ethical investment funds such as the need to tackle ageing populations, reduce levels of obesity, address the global power shortage, tackle water scarcity and climate change are creating attractive business opportunities, which in turn are creating great investment opportunities which consumers can take advantage of.’

For much more information on ethical investments and expert views on choosing an ethical fund, check out our brand new guide to ethical investing.

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