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Hurt Locker producers to sue 5,000 digital pirates

Film makers seek $1,500 per person in compensation

File sharing

Sharing copyrighted files is illegal

Voltage Pictures, the independent production company behind the film Hurt Locker, is set to sue 5,000 US citizens which it and its lawyers allege illegally downloaded its film.

Voltage confirmed that internet service providers (ISPs) have identified 5,000 IP (Internet Protocol) addresses which shared the film via peer-to-peer networks, and that it now intends to subpoena these ISPs to hand over the names and addresses.

According to various reports, Voltage is seeking $1,500 (£1,000) in compensation from each individual in out of court settlements, or $150,000 (£100,000) if the case goes to court.

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Voltage defends internet file sharing action 

Defending the action, Voltage said: ‘We take piracy and copyright infringement very seriously and are passionate about protecting the rights of creators. We consider piracy to be wrong and feel it is directly contributing to the decline of the film industry and independent films in particular.

‘An exceptional amount of effort from many people goes into making a quality film that audiences can enjoy. From directors and actors to caterers, lighting technicians and delivery drivers, piracy hurts each and every hard-working person attempting to support his or her family through a career in the entertainment industry.

‘With new technology making it easier to commit piracy, we believe it is more important than ever for people to continue to act responsibly in order to protect jobs and our industry’s survival.’

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