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Sony announces PlayStation Move UK pricing

Sony PlayStation Move motion controller revealed

Playstation Move

Sony has unveiled its new motion controller for the PlayStation 3, the ‘Move’, at this week’s E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles.

The Sony PlayStation Move is a motion-sensitive controller, and responds to movements made by the games player. The concept is very similar to Nintendo’s Wii controllers, but utilises different technology.

Sony Move controller

The Move controller resembles a wand with a ping pong ball on top, which houses LED lights. The separate PlayStation Eye camera tracks this light and recreates the players’ action on screen. The colour of each light can be changed, so that the Eye can recognise multiple players at once.

The buttons on the controller are similar to those on a standard PlayStation 3 controller, with the addition of a centrally located ‘Move’ button, which will be used for dedicated motion controlled games. There is also a second device available to use with the Move, called the navigation sub-controller.

PlayStation Move vs. Microsoft Kinect

Sony’s launch of the Move follows Microsoft’s announcement of it’s hands-free Kinect controller earlier in the week. With both major players looking to take on Nintendo’s share of the casual gaming market, it will be interesting to see how the new controllers take off. 

We’ll be bringing you First Looks of the new controllers as soon as they’re available, and letting you know our first impressions.

Move works with new and old PS3 games

Sony has announced a number of games that will be standalone titles for the new PS3 controller at launch,  including ‘SingStar Dance’, ‘Ape Escape’ and ‘Sports Champions’. 

In addition, some older PS3 games will be patched to implement motion control, such as ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11’.

Sony PlayStation Move prices

Sony have confirmed that the Move controlled will launch in Europe first on 15 September 2010, and will be priced at around £35. The Move navigation sub-controller will retail for around £25, and the PlayStation Eye camera will also be available to buy for £25. A bundle with both Move, sub-controller and ‘Beat the Sketcher’, ‘Blocks’ and ‘Echochrome 2’ games will also be available for around £50. 

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