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Stevie Wonder fans get no ticket and no refund

Consumers face Hyde Park concert disappointment

Stevie Wonder

Consumers who have bought tickets for Stevie Wonder’s Hyde Park concert on Saturday night through online ticket agency Hydeparkconcerts.com have been left with no tickets and no refund from the company.

In an email sent to one customer, Hydeparkconcerts.com suggested putting in a claim to the lady’s bank as the company was unable to refund the monies paid. The email read: ‘Unfortunately we have been let down by our suppliers for your tickets and are unable to supply them. Because we no longer use the merchant service provider that charged you we are unable to issue a refund back to the card that was used to book.

‘Please contact your card issuer and instruct them to perform a chargeback for goods not received. If you paid by credit card then your booking will be insured under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. If you paid by debit card then Visa scheme rules will allow you to retrieve the funds.’

Company’s section 75 claims simply not true

Martyn Saville, Which? principal researcher, commented: ‘The content of this email is outrageous. Looking at the company’s website, there is nothing to tell the consumer that their contract is with anyone other than Hydeparkconcerts.com. It is simply not acceptable for the company to deny a refund to consumers – failing to provide either the tickets or a refund means Hydeparkconcerts.com is clearly in breach of contract.

‘Advising consumers to submit a section 75 claim is misleading – section 75 can only be used for items costing over £100 each. The company’s website shows Stevie Wonder tickets selling for £47.50, so section 75 would never apply.

‘Furthermore, why does the company expect banks to refund payments under the chargeback scheme when it has already pocketed your cash and failed to obtain the promised tickets in return? If I were considering buying concert tickets, I certainly wouldn’t use Hydeparkconcerts.com to get them.

‘If it is genuinely sorry, the agency should refund the payments by other means. “I just called to say I’m not sending your concert tickets” is not good enough.’

Royal Parks warns consumers against using Hydeparkconcerts.com

The Royal Parks, which manages Hyde Park and seven other London parks, warns consumers on its website against using Hydeparkconcerts.com to buy concert tickets: ‘Warning: www.hydeparkconcerts.com is NOT an authorised ticket supplier and has proved to be fraudulent in the past.’

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) consumer advice

To help protect yourself, the OFT recently encouraged consumers to remember the following tips:

  • Stop, think and be sceptical. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do not be rushed into sending off money to someone you do not know, however plausible they might sound and even where an approach is personalised.
  • Think about how much money you could lose from replying to a potential scam – it’s not a gamble worth taking.
  • If you are unsure of an offer, speak to family or friends and seek advice from Consumer Direct before sending any money or giving out any banking or credit card details.

For more information on buying tickets safely, check out the OFT’s Just Tick It campaign. The site also includes details of how to spot and avoid ticket scams.

Which? advice on your credit card and debit card rights

For more information on how section 75 and chargeback work on credit and debit cards, read the .

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