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Wasted water is energy down the drain

Emissions targets threatened by wasted water

Electric shower

Hot water has been named a ‘forgotten threat’ that may prevent the UK from hitting carbon reduction targets.

The warning – from the Energy Saving Trust – is backed by research showing that our water use is responsible for almost a quarter of domestic CO2 emissions.

How we use water at home – as opposed to water treatment and pumping – is blamed for 89% of all UK carbon emissions from water. This means that the way we use water will play a key role in whether we hit our target of reducing carbon emissions by 29% by 2020 – and 80% by 2050.

Saving water in the home

Saving water is one of the simplest ways that you can help the environment. Changing your habits and switching to water-saving products can drastically reduce the amount of water you use in your home.

Opting for energy-saving appliances such as efficient dishwashers and washing machines may also save money off your bills. If you’re not ready to invest in a new model, our advice guide on how to be greener with your dishwasher also provides tips and a video on how to be more efficient with the machine you have. 


According to the Energy Saving Trust, hot water use in the UK is responsible for the emission of 33 million tonnes of CO2 each year. Heating water up costs households around £200 per year – almost a third of the average gas bill – and could cost more if you use an electric immersion heater.

Our boiler review compares features and prices of more than 50 boilers on the market, providing information on the most efficient boilers that could cut your gas bills. Find out which eight boilers we’d recommend as cost-effective and reliable options for your home – and look at our simple ways to cut your heating costs.

Metered water

Water meters are another option to help homeowners use less water. Industry experts predict that metered water could cut consumption by 9-21% – and may also shave money off your water bills.

Our advice guide on how to use less water has water-saving tips for the kitchen, bathroom and garden – as well as reviews of water-saving gadgets.

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