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What the nation really thinks about Tesco

Tesco: 'too powerful' or a 'good influence'?

tesco store

Support for supermarket giant Tesco is divided across the generations and different parts of the country, according to a new survey.

The choice, cheap prices and convenience offered by Tesco wins over 51% of 18-34 year-olds, but support for the supermarket chain begins to wane – down to 42% – with the over-35s.

The survey of nearly 900 adults, conducted by YouGov, also revealed nearly half of the over-55s questioned agreed Tesco was ‘a bad influence on Britain today’, compared to 35% of 18-34s.

A separate YouGov study, meanwhile, found that 60% of British consumers still shop at a local Tesco store at least once a week.

Mixed support for Tesco

While 45% of British adults attribute Tesco’s success to its ‘cheap, varied food choices and ability to create jobs wherever it goes’, 43% feel that it is too powerful, pushes down prices for producers and drives out competition.

Opinions of Tesco divide again regionally: 47% of Londoners think Tesco is ‘too powerful’, 53% of respondents in the Midlands think Tesco ‘meets the needs of its customers’ but nearly 50% of customers in the north of England disapprove of the supermarket.

Scottish shoppers, meanwhile, look upon Tesco more positively, with nearly 60% calling the store a ‘good influence’.

Which? supermarket ratings

Tesco didn’t fare particularly well in our own survey of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. Which? retail expert Sarah Dennis said: ‘This year’s Which? supermarket survey of more than 13,000 members revealed there was nothing special about Tesco – placing it joint 7th behind even discounters Aldi and Lidl. Despite nearly half of the YouGov poll attributing Tesco’s success to cheap varied prices, Which? members judged both price and quality of product as distinctly average.’

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