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Cheap Best Buy solo microwaves revealed

Latest reviews show top performing solo microwaves

Solo Breville image

Solo microwaves are ideal for heating and defrosting

The results of our latest microwave lab tests are in, revealing two brand new Best Buys, including one at the exceptional value price of just £40.

According to Which? microwaves expert Matt Stevens: ‘Excellent solo microwaves don’t need to be expensive and we’re delighted to announce another Best Buy for less than £50. But cheap doesn’t always mean cheerful – we’ve also slapped Don’t Buy labels on two very poor solo microwaves that just don’t heat food properly.’

To find out how to buy the best microwave, including the differences between solo, combination and grill microwaves, check out our video buying guide. 

Best and worst solo microwaves

Every solo microwave in latest batch tested by Which? costs less than £100 and models reviewed come from manufacturers including models Breville, Cookworks, Daewoo, DeLonghi, Goodmans, Prestige, Samsung, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp and Swan.

The best solo microwaves show they’re great at heating and defrosting food. They heat quickly, evenly and the food won’t end up dry. And when they defrost they’ll avoid cooking some parts of the food while leaving other parts frozen.

The worst solo microwaves struggle with even basic heating tasks. Our microwave reviews show that Don’t Buy solo microwaves take too long to heat up, don’t heat food evenly and leave it dry and shrivelled.

Grill, combi or solo microwave?

For re-heating microwave meals, home-cooked food or defrosting, a Best Buy solo microwave will do a great job. Grill microwaves are better for meat as they’ll add some colour to the food and you’ll also be able to cook with a combination of microwave energy and the grill. And if you like baking, go for a combination microwave – combination microwaves come with convection cooking as an option.

During our rigorous lab tests we test how well solo microwaves heat food including jacket potatoes, how well they defrost and how easy they are to use and clean.

New solo microwaves reviewed

The full list of new solo microwaves we’ve tested in this batch is: Breville VMW142, Cookworks SEB 177G3H-P, Daewoo KOR1N0A, Daewoo KOR6L15SL, DeLonghi P80D20EL-Y9, Goodmans PE20S, Prestige SE28W, Samsung MW86N-B, Samsung MW82N-B, Sanyo EMS105AW, Sharp R270KM, Swan SM3010W.

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