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New Which? Best Buy grill microwaves revealed

Latest reviews show top performing grill microwave

Grill Bosch image

Grill microwaves add colour and crispiness to meat

The results of our latest grill microwave tests are in, revealing three new Best Buys which do a great job of heating, defrosting and grilling.

According to Which? microwaves expert Matt Stevens: ‘Grill microwaves are an excellent option if you’re looking to do more than heat soup and defrost in your microwave. 

‘Heat from the grill element can be used independently, or in combination with microwaves, and works well to add some colour and crispness to meat dishes. But not all grill microwaves have great grills – some struggle to spread heat across the turntable which means that your sausages won’t end up nicely browned. Check out our grill microwave reviews for the best grill microwaves we’ve tested.’

To find out how to buy the best microwave, including the differences between solo, combination and grill microwaves, check out our microwaves video buying guide. 

Solo, grill or combination microwave – which is best?

Best Buy grill microwaves heat up quickly in microwave mode, heat food evenly throughout and the food won’t end up dry. And when they defrost they’ll avoid cooking some parts of the food while leaving other parts frozen. In grill mode the heat from the grill spreads right across the turntable.

For re-heating microwave meals, home-cooked food or defrosting, a Best Buy solo microwave does a great job. Grill microwaves are better for meat as they’ll add some colour to the food and you’ll also be able to cook with a combination of microwave energy and the grill. If you like baking, go for a combination microwave because they come with convection cooking as an option.

During our rigorous lab tests we test how well solo microwaves heat food and how well they defrost. For grill microwaves we also toast white bread and cook a chicken, and for combination microwaves we bake cakes as well using convection power.

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New grill microwaves tested

The full list of new grill microwaves just tested is: Bosch HMT72G450B, Cookworks EG820CPT, LG MB3940GS, LG MH6589UR, Panasonic NN-K179W, Panasonic NN-GD379S, Russell Hobbs RHM2013, Samsung GE109M-S/XEU, Sanyo EM-G475AS, Sharp R658SLM, Tricity TMG209, Whirlpool VT266/BL, Whirlpool JT366/BL.

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