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New Hoover dishwasher holds ‘10% more items’

DDY068T has three drawers for your dirty dishes

Hoover DDY068T

A new 15-place setting dishwasher designed with an extra drawer to make space for 10% more items is now on sale from Hoover.

Unlike most dishwashers that have two drawers, the £400 Hoover DDY068T dishwasher has a third in the top centre of the machine. Designed to increase the number of dishes and accessories the appliance can clean at a time, Hoover believes it will be ideal for smaller items such as espresso cups, spatulas and cheese graters.

If you’re shopping for a new dishwasher but don’t know where to start, our video guide to can help you decide the best model for your needs.

Which? view on the Hoover DDY068T

Which? dishwasher expert Vivienne Fitzroy says: ‘We haven’t tested a model with this layout before so it’ll be interesting to see how easy it is to load. I’m also keen to find out if the items at the very top of the machine are cleaned as well as those nearer the spray arm at the bottom.

‘Which? has tested five Hoover dishwashers, and more than 100 models from other brands including Miele, Bosch and Electrolux. To find out which models are rated Best Buys, read our full dishwashers review.’

Hoover DDY068T increases capacity

A Hoover spokesperson told Which? that the space used by the third drawer is ‘harder to use in other dishwashers as the items placed in the centre of a traditional top draw aren’t very tall.’ 

This means they don’t make good use of the full amount of space available inside a dishwasher, according to Hoover. It’s hoped that the addition of a third draw will help get around this perceived problem. 

Other dishwasher manufacturers, such as Miele, have introduced a third draw to their machines but these normally only hold cutlery.

The Hoover DDYO68T is available in white, with a gloss black version expected to launch later this month.

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