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September 2010

Unacceptable substitutions at online supermarkets

A new Which? survey has found that one quarter of members who shop at online supermarkets had received a unacceptable substitution in the past two years.

Blood pressure monitors on test

We put ten high street blood pressure monitors on test and find three Best Buys, but four wrist monitors we can't recommend, scoring 30% or less

Payphone charges cheaper than a mobile

BT recently raised the minimum charge for making a call from a payphone by 50%, from 40p to 60p.

Hearing aid shops failing customers

A joint Which? and RNID investigation finds hearing aid shops are failing customers, some failing to do basic assessment and testing or spot worrying symptoms

Ten films ripe for 3D

As George Lucas prepares to launch Star Wars in 3D we reveal the films we’re like to see given the same treatment

‘Free’ solar panels not such a great deal

New research by Which? has found consumers could save as much as £10,500 over the next 25 years by buying their own solar photovoltaic (PV) system instead of signing up to a 'rent a roof' scheme offering ‘free’ solar panels.

9 in 10 women ‘annoyed’ by high street sizes

Size differences across high street shops are annoying, confusing and wasting women's time, according to research from Which?

Whirlpool unveils ‘greener’ A-rated tumble dryer

The first A-rated tumble dryer from Whirlpool will go on sale later this year - and it doesn't cost a fortune. 

Food colours linked to hyperactivity

New rules mean any food and drink containing certain food colours must carry a warning on the label, but they're found in a wide variety of food items.

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Banks top FSA complaints table

FSA publishes complaints data for individual firms for the first time, revealing banks had highest number of complaints refered to the FSO.

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