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Celebrate National Cupcake Week with Which?

Make the best cupcakes using Best Buy gadgets

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What better excuse do you need to enjoy a cupcake or two than whipping up a batch in honour of National Cupcake Week? And we’ve a whole host of Which? test results to help you bake perfect cupcakes from start to finish.

National Cupcake Week, organised by British Baker magazine, runs from 13-19 September, and aims to celebrate the wide array of recipes and varieties of cupcakes available to buy in the UK today. 

Mixing the perfect cupcake mixture 

Which? tests a host of products that can help you make perfect cupcakes in your own kitchen. 

Food processors take the hassle out of making cake mixture by doing the hard work for you. Some come with beater attachments especially designed for this task, while some just rely on the knife blade to mix evenly.

Which? food processor expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘To test food processors and kitchen machines, our expert labs rate all the appliances for mixing a cake batter. 

‘We measure how quick it is to make batter, how evenly it is mixed, how much the cake increases in volume after baking and even the consistency of the sponge to make sure the cake is as good as it could be. 

‘All our Best Buys are rated good or excellent for cake mixing, so head to our food processor reviews to find out which ones are best for the job.’  

Oven cupcakes

Golden cupcakes baked in an oven

Baking cupcakes

Once your mixture is ready, a good oven is essential for baking great cupcakes, and to test how evenly the heat is distributed, our expert labs use the British Standards small cakes test, to bake two shelves-full of small cakes. 

The cakes are then assessed on how well they rise, uniformity of cooking and the evenness of their golden brown tops.  

This is just one of many tests we use to assess ovens, for more cake-related testing information visit our ‘how we test built in ovens’ or the ‘how we test freestanding cookers’ page.

Lakeland Cupcake Maker

Lakeland cupcake maker

Lakeland’s new cupcake maker promises cupcakes in 10 minutes

For those of you who prefer a simpler approach, we’ve given the Lakeland cupcake maker a first look review, to bring you our impressions of this new kitchen gadget. 

It promises to bake tasty cupcakes in just 10 minutes – is this possible? We tried the same recipe out in the cupcake maker and an oven, to see the how they fared against each other (pictures above).

Our oven-baked cupcakes turned out much more golden brown than those cooked in the cupcake maker, but read the full Lakeland Cupcake Maker first look review to find out our full first impression.  

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