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Drivers ‘just can’t help’ speeding

Survey shows most drivers try to keep to the limit

Most drivers 'try to stick to limits'

Most drivers ‘try to stick to limits’

Most drivers want to keep to the speed limit, but many find it difficult to do so, a new study suggests.

In an online poll of 3,000 drivers conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, 90% said they try to comply with the speed limit. But 60% admitted it was simply too difficult not to speed.

The IAM believes that a temptation to drive quickly, plus pressure from other drivers on the road, can make otherwise law-abiding drivers creep over the limit.

Police ‘more effective’ than cameras

Of those who admitted speeding, 40% said a police presence would be most effective at slowing them down. This compares with just 10% who said speed cameras were the most effective deterrent.

The results of this survey may interest councillors in Norfolk, who voted earlier this week to scrap the county’s speed cameras. Other local authorities have unveiled similar cost-cutting plans in recent months, prompting heated debate among motorists and road safety experts.

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Keeping to the limit is ‘challenging’

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the IAM said: ‘It’s good to know most people want to stay within the law when it comes to speeding, but too many seem to find it challenging. The results suggest that people are aware of the limit and don’t want to break it, but temptation and pressure from other traffic may push them to go faster.’

He added: ‘The poll confirms the view of road safety professionals: it’s vital that imminent public spending cuts don’t compromise high-profile road policing’.

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