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New BMW 6 Series Concept to debut in Paris

Will this be the next 6 Series looks like?

New concept features modern BMW styling

New concept features modern BMW styling

BMW has unveiled the Concept 6 Coupé – strongly hinting at the styling of the next 6 Series production car.

The BMW Concept 6 Coupé is a large 2+2 with modern BMW styling that’s still somehow reminiscent of so-called ‘shark-nose’ BMW coupés of the past.

The front of the Concept 6 features full LED headlights for the first time on a BMW, complete with ‘corona ring’ daytime running lights, and adaptive functions to provide maximum visibility at night. These are likely to make it to production.

Concept 6 Coupé looks production ready

Will the next 6 Series look similar?

Will the next 6 Series look similar?

However, the ‘hardened glass’ grille inserts seem less likely, as do the 20-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels, each of which were machined from a solid lump of aluminium. We’re sure more practical (or affordable) 20-inch alternatives will be available.

These details aside, the exterior of the car, with its concave and convex surfacing supposedly reminiscent of rippling waves, seems very much production ready.

Similarly, the BMW Concept 6 Coupé’s interior also looks ready for production.

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Inside the 6 Coupé

BMW 6: Controls are angled towards the driver

Controls are angled towards the driver

There are even fewer outlandish concept car details here. The glass roof allows more light into the cabin, while, in a break from tradition, the enormous 10.2-inch central monitor for the iDrive computer stands proud of the centre console.

However, like all BMWs, this and the other major controls are all angled slightly towards the driver. And to save them looking away from the road, the Concept 6 also has a head-up display, said to be among the most advanced ever fitted in a car.

The main instrument cluster, meanwhile, is a ‘black-panel’ – so it only lights up when in use, and all of the dials are electronic displays rather than physical units. A 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo provides the in-car entertainment.

New BMW concept will debut in Paris

No word yet on what’s powering the BMW Concept 6 Coupé, but an educated guess suggests an efficient six-cylinder engine with stop-start, eight-speed transmission and quite possibly hybrid technology as well.

The show car receives its public debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month, while we expect the production version of the next BMW 6 Series to appear early next year.

All-new X3 will debut too

New X3 will also debut in Paris

New X3 will also debut in Paris

Alongside the Concept 6 Coupé at Paris BMW will also display the all-new X3 SUV.

This second-generation model is mildly larger than its predecessor, and features stop-start in combination with six-cylinder engines and an eight-speed automatic transmission. New adaptive chassis packages improve the handling on and off road, while the latest four-wheel drive system boosts traction and economy.

Full details, including the UK-specific engine line-up, will be announced at the Paris Motor Show.

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