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One in four parents ‘keep quiet’ about head lice

Mums and dads don't tell school about child's nits

a child with wet hair

Some parents aren’t being honest with schools or other mums and dads when it comes to head lice, according to a new survey.

One in five mums wouldn’t tell their child’s school – or other parents with children in the same class – if their child had head lice.

Dads are even less likely to admit to a head lice outbreak in their home, with 29% surveyed saying they wouldn’t mention it to the school or other mums and dads in the playground.

Treating head lice

We’ve taken a closer look at the best ways to tackle head lice in our treating head lice and nits guide.

Head lice are a rite of passage that every parent can expect their child to face at some point during their school life – and easier to catch than you might realise.

Head lice myth buster
Myth or truth clean hair
State of hair
long hair
Length of hair
head lice jumping
Spread of lice
itchy scalp
Itchy scalp?
Myth Prefer clean hair Prefer long hair Jump and can spread via clothes/towels Always means itchy scalp
Truth Infect both clean and dirty hair Infect all lengths and types of hair Walk from head to head Only itches if allergic to bites/faeces

When Which? asked its members how they dealt with head lice, over-the-counter products were the most popular option, and in 59% of cases shifted the lice within three days. 

The survey, conducted by head lice treatment manufacturer Lyclear, also revealed head lice was the biggest school fear for 61% of mums.

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