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Road rage rarely covered by car insurance

Just 6% of car insurance policies offer protection

A car crash

Legal expenses insurance may help you pursue any losses from an accident that wasn’t your fault

Just 6% of car insurance policies offers any cover for road rage incidents, according to a new report from financial research company Defaqto.

According to its annual report on the motor insurance industry, 94% of car insurance policies in the UK do not offer any cover for road rage. This is an improvement on the situation from 2005, however, when 99% of motor insurance policies did not protect customers against such incidents.

Nevertheless, Defaqto’s findings are a surprise given that its recent consumer survey highlighted the importance of road rage cover to some motorists. According to the firm, over-55s in particular are concerned about the risk of road rage, and consider protection against it an important differentiator when choosing a car insurance policy.

Car insurance exclusions

Where it is covered by car insurance, benefits for road rage claims range from £500 to £5,000, Defaqto says. Costs incurred for professional counselling are usually covered, while some policies may also offer a benefit for physical assault.

However, Mike Powell, insurance analyst and author of Defaqto’s report, points out that making an insurance claim for road rage may not be straightforward. ‘Although this is a potentially useful benefit, the exclusions under this section are very clear and could make claiming difficult.

‘Exclusions include incidents caused by a relative or a person known to the policyholder, or incidents caused or contributed to by anything said or done by the insured person or a passenger in the car. In the heat of the moment, many people may find it difficult to stay calm, and it could therefore be hard to prove to the insurer that the insured person did not contribute to the situation by anything that was said.’

Which? car insurance expert Dan Moore says: ‘If you’re concerned about the risk of road rage, it’s important to check the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy. Don’t assume you’d be covered for anything that happened as a result of another motorist’s aggression – Defaqto’s figures show this is unlikely.’

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