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Whirlpool unveils ‘greener’ A-rated tumble dryer

New A-rated tumble dryer that won't break the bank

Whirlpool green generation tumble dryer

Whirlpool AZA 9780 A-rated tumble dryer

The first A-rated tumble dryer from Whirlpool will go on sale later this year – and unlike most A-rated machines, it doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Tumble dryers can be power hungry, so the Whirlpool AZA 9780 is significant because of its energy rating. 

Whirlpool also says it’s fast for an energy-efficient tumbler – at full capacity, the AZA 9780’s large 9kg drum promises to dry a load in less than two hours, or about 12 minutes for each kilogram of clothing.

Which? expert view

Which? tumble dryers expert Matt Stevens says: ‘Tumble dryers with an A rating for energy are rare and we usually only see them for sale from about £800. 

‘The fact that the new Whirlpool tumble dryer will sell for between £400 and £500 is big news. Seeing an energy-efficient tumble dryer than can dry a load in the time claimed is also impressive – we’ll be testing this out in the lab soon.

‘In the meantime you can take a look at our , for reviews of the latest A-rated tumblers we’ve tested. Our also offers insider tips for buying the best model.’

Whirlpool tumble dryer

Most of the small number of A-rated tumble dryers already on the market use heat pump technology, taking air from outside the machine. However, this kind of technology makes them expensive to buy. 

Whirlpool’s machine, however, is a conventional condenser dryer. Whirlpool claims the energy saving comes from improved air flow and limiting the amount of air that escapes.

Gas-powered tumble dryers – such as the White Knight ECO 43A and White Knight ECO 83A –  are another energy-efficient type of tumble dryer. Some of these have done well in Which? tests and are cost effective to run. However, choice for this type of machine is limited and you’ll have to have them installed and maintained by a professional gas engineer.

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