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Bosch launches blind-spot sensor system

Technology to debut in new Citroën C4

System detects vehicles in your blind spot

System detects vehicles in your blind spot

Bosch has released a brand new ultrasonic sensor blind-spot assistant, which can warn you if another vehicle is alongside or diagonally behind when you’re changing lanes.

The technology has been developed from Bosch’s parking aid and parking assistant technology, using ultrasonic sensors fitted to the car.

Side View Assist

Called the Side View Assist system, it is capable of registering objects three metres to the side and diagonally to the rear of your car, covering the blind spot areas you can’t see in your mirrors.

Ultrasonic sensors are fitted to the sides of the front and rear bumper of your car. The two rear sensors monitor the blind spot on the lanes to the left and right, while the front ones are used only for plausibility checks.

Therefore, if the front left sensor detects an object before the rear left sensor, the system understands an oncoming vehicle is passing on the other side of the road and doesn’t warn the driver.

However, if the rear sensors pick up an object and the front sensors do not, then the system will alert the driver.

Visual and audible alerts

If this is the case, the system will activate a light signal in the wing mirror on the same side the system has detected the object.

If the driver misses or ignores this warning and indicates to switch lanes, the Side View Assist will beep a warning.

The system will work at speeds between 6 and 87mph – it will not warn the driver if they are travelling at a speed outside this bracket.

Bosch claims the system will be cheaper for carmakers to fit than radar or video-based systems because the Side View Assist uses electronic components that are already fitted into your car.

Citroën will debut the technology in the new C4.

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