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Customers to get annual energy bill statements

New bills will show total energy used over a year

Energy companies are about to start sending out the first annual energy bill statements – showing how much energy you’ve used in the whole of the past year.

Which? energy campaigner Clare Corbett says: ‘While we’re pleased people are going to get an annual statement, you don’t just need this once a year – you need to understand what energy you’ve used and how much it costs, every time you get a bill’

The new statements are now compulsory following a ruling by the energy watchdog Ofgem. It also announced that it wants to change the rules so energy companies must give 30 days notice before raising prices.

Choosing your energy tariff

Which? is currently campaigning for minimum standards for all energy tariffs to make them easier to understand and simpler to compare so you can quickly see if you’re getting the cheapest deal or not.

Understand energy bills can also be tricky. You can see all our advice about how to read your energy bill and how your bill is calculated in our guide to understanding your energy bill.

If you’re concerned about your energy bills and think you may be paying too much, visit Which? Switch to check how much money you could save by switching suppliers – customers saved an average £263 between January and October 2009.

Concerns about saving energy

A new survey shows that consumers are becoming more energy efficient – but this could be because they want to save money, rather than be greener.

The Energy Saving Trust’s attitude tracker found nearly three-quarters of people are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills.

This includes 84% who said that turning off the lights is becoming more normal in their home, and more than half who claimed never to leave the TV on standby for long periods.

However, more than half said they were more interested in saving money than how energy use affects climate change.

Lower your gas and electricity bills

You can compare energy prices and switch to a new gas and electricity supplier on Which? Switch. People who switched with us between 1 October and 31 December 2013 are predicted to save an average of £234 a year on their bills.

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