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Euro NCAP awards car safety technologies

Crash-prevention systems get official recognition

Volvo City Safety

Volvo’s latest City Safety system monitors the road and brakes if it senses a collision is imminent

Anti-collision systems, blind-spot alerts and automatic braking technologies are among the hi-tech car safety features that have been awarded a new accolade by Euro NCAP.

The first set Euro NCAP Advanced awards were announced this morning at a press conference at the Paris Motor Show. Ten systems developed by car makers including BMW, Volkswagen and Volvo were rewarded for offering scientifically-proven safety benefits.

The Advanced award was created to respond to the rapid development of new technologies available in new cars. Until now there has been no means of independently measuring the usefulness of such systems.

Euro NCAP says the award will push car manufacturers to accelerate the standard fitment of important safety equipment across their model ranges. It will also offer more comprehensive guidance to consumers about the safety of new cars.

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Euro NCAP Advanced winners

The systems awarded the Euro NCAP Advanced accolade for 2010 are:

Audi Side Assist – gives you a warning if another vehicle enters your blind spot

BMW Assist Advanced eCall, Peugeot Connect SOS and Citroën Localised Emergency Call – all automatically notify emergency services if your car is involved in a collision

Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) and Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe and Pre-Safe Brake – warn you if you close in on the car in front too quickly, then brake automatically if an accident is imminent

Opel Eye – recognises speed limit signs and notifies the driver if they are going too fast

Volkswagen Lane Assist –
corrects the steering if the car senses it is drifting off-course or into another lane

Volvo City Safety – prevents low-speed collisions by scanning the road ahead and braking automatically when it detects an impending collision 

Audi Side Assist

Audi Side Assist watches your blind spots and gives an alert when a car is there

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Improving safety standards

Euro NCAP secretary general Dr Michiel van Ratingen said: ‘Car makers were involved in the development of the process and were very keen to get their systems into the assessment. We ended up having almost too many dossiers to cope with, and we have more coming up in the next months. That’s a clear sign that the industry is actively driving safety improvements, even when green cars are top of the agenda.’

Most of the systems in this batch of awards were developed a few years ago and have been in the marketplace for at least a year or two. However Euro NCAP says that in the future its assessors will be able to use the new system to assess completely new technologies, making the Advanced award more responsive to ongoing developments.

Euro NCAP also confirmed that other technologies will be assessed in the coming months and another round of awards will be announced in 2011.

Detailed information about the 2010 rewarded technologies, their safety benefits and the related cars is now available on Euro NCAP’s website.

Visit the Euro NCAP website


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