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Save money with car-share schemes

Liftshare Week launches to help cut car costs

Motorists could save money by joining a car-share scheme

Motorists could save money by joining a car-share scheme

Which? lifts the lid on car-sharing schemes and how they can help save you money.

This week (4-8 October) is the first ever Liftshare week, and with millions of empty seats travelling up and down Britain’s roads each day, it might be worth considering a car share scheme. According to Shareacar.com, up to 80% of cars travelling to work in the rush hours only have one driver. 

So, whether you’re looking for a daily lift to work or an occasional trip to the supermarket, there are plenty of websites to help you link up with fellow travellers, save money on petrol and cut your carbon footprint.

What is Liftshare Week?

Liftshare Week is a scheme designed to encourage car-sharing from Liftshare.com, which is the UK’s largest car-share scheme. Liftshare’s been running since 1998 and now has close to 400,000 registered members. It claims that by car-sharing, you can not only save money but reduce your environmental impact and meet new people.

According to Liftshare, the average car-sharer could save £4.43 on a 20-mile return journey – a significant saving over the course of a year.

Other car-share schemes

There are other car-share schemes out there too – Nationalcarshare.co.uk and Rideshare.co.uk are similar schemes to Liftshare and are both free to register with. Shareacar.com has over 200,000 members and charges a £5 membership fee but claims to verify every member’s identity. WhipCar.com is a neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service which works by allowing motorists to register their cars for hire on its website. Members without cars can then search the list of available vehicles in their neighbourhood before booking them by the hour or the day.

There’s also Carplus.org.uk, a national charity which promotes responsible car use and can help find you a local car club or car-share scheme.

For much more on car-sharing, including expert advice on safety and etiquette, check out the Which? guide to car-share schemes.

For more on general sharing and swapping schemes, visit our guide to sharing, swapping and saving

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