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Are you considering a more economical car?

72% of drivers thinking of changing their car

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Are you looking to opt for an economical car?

A recent survey found 62% of British drivers believed the new austerity measures would not affect the way they use their car, but 72% were seriously considering switching to a more economical car.

The research, conducted by Manheim Auctions, found the 3,000 drivers surveyed to be optimistic about being unaffected by the government cuts and the rise in VAT.

Cheaper road tax and lower emissions 

The 62% figure seems surprisingly optimistic considering the affect the recession has had on how we spend our money.

With the government implementing strict spending cuts, job losses still on the agenda and VAT rising to 20% from 1 January 2011, the outlook for drivers could be considered bleak. Yet almost a third said they don’t think it would have an impact on their current motoring habits.

In spite of their optimism, more than a third of drivers are seriously contemplating exchanging their current vehicle for something more economical. Drivers would be looking for cars with cheaper road tax, lower running costs and potentially cheaper insurance. They may also consider very low emission eco models that are exempt from road tax altogether. .

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‘Driving less is simply not an option’

Craig Mailey, marketing director for Manheim Auctions, said: ‘The government’s spending cuts will affect everyone in some way, but our research suggests that many drivers will continue to use their cars as they always have.

‘For many, driving fewer miles is simply not an option. We all need to go to work after all. However, it’s great to see that motorists are seriously looking at ways to drive more economically.

‘Although you may pay more initially [diesel models are often more expensive than comparable petrol versions], ensuring your next car is fuel efficient will save you money in the long run, especially with the benefits of lower road tax and cheaper insurance.’

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