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Poor road markings are making UK roads dangerous

Safety group warns of faded and worn lines

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Poor road markings could lead to accidents

The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) has said poor white line markings on some of the most dangerous roads in the UK could be contributing to the number of accidents.

Deteriorating road conditions and suspension-shattering potholes have been a focal point of road safety during 2010.

However, the RSMA says worn, faded and, in some cases, non-existent road markings are also playing a part in the number of serious accidents on UK roads.

UK road markings are below minimum standards

The RSMA identified eight roads that are among the most dangerous in the UK.

Out of these roads in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Sussex, half failed to reach minimum road marking standards.

The organisation said it had found examples of the worst case scenarios, including badly-worn white lines or no markings whatsoever.

One road that performed notably poorly, and one that perhaps you should avoid next time you look at a road map, is the A6135 north of Sheffield.

The five-mile section came out worst in the survey, with 75% of the road markings heavily worn or non-existent.

National director of the RSMA, George Lee, said: ‘This report flags up some serious concerns for the overall conditions of our road network.

“The failure to maintain road markings may be a contributory factor to the number of fatal and serious accidents on these roads.”

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Road Safety Week is next week

The RSMA’s report is timely, with Road Safety Week kicking off next week.

And although the theme is reducing speed, shocking road conditions, potholes and now road markings are likely to be on the agenda, too.

Which? Car is taking an active role in Road Safety Week with a live Q&A session online.

Our experts will be available online on November 23 from 11:30am to answer any questions you have about car safety and child car seats.

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