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Tesco adds barcode scanner to iPhone shopping app

App even makes an authentic checkout 'beep' sound


Tesco’s newly revamped iPhone app is the first to feature a barcode scanner that enables shoppers to scan products for their online shopping order on the go.

It’s hoped that iPhone owners will use the app to save precious shopping time, by scanning product barcodes whether they are hitting the shops or using up the last of a product at home.

Customers can scan the barcode of any product and to add it to their online basket, if stocked by Tesco.

Tesco shopping app

It even comes with an authentic supermarket bleep, and is designed to make the shopping process ‘unique but simple’ for customers. 

Aimed at busy parents and time-poor professionals, Tesco hopes to encourage shoppers to ‘avoid running the risk of forgetting to add things to the ‘traditional’ shopping list’.

Which? shopping expert Sarah Dennis says: ‘This new barcode app from Tesco seems to be another step in the direction of supermarkets trying to increase consumer convenience – now online shopping takes even less time without the occasionally painful search on the website. 

Our survey rating the best and worst online supermarkets awarded Tesco an average score for order accuracy, so it’ll be interesting to see if customers scanning their own products helps.’

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The app is free to download and those who have the original version should automatically receive a notification that an update is available. 

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