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Tesco exposed for dodgy value claims

Tesco price claims for tuna and corn misleading

Tesco store

Tesco is the latest to join the supermarkets we believe are illegally misleading consumers over pricing by stating bigger packs of certain items are better value when they’re not.

A recent Which? investigation found that Asda and Sainsbury’s had been marketing larger pack sizes of certain products as being either ‘bigger’ or ‘great’ value when in fact it was better value to buy the smaller version.

In the latest case, Which? researchers found a three-pack of Princes tuna steak tins at Tesco emblazoned with the label ‘bigger value’ – but buying three individual tins of the same item was almost £1 cheaper. We also found that a ‘special value’ four-pack of Green Giant Original Sweet Niblets was 19p more expensive than buying four individual tins.

Tesco says price mistake

Tesco told Which? that the price of the individual packs was reduced and it took a while for the larger pack to follow suit.

But Which? shopping expert Sarah Dennis said: ‘We’ve reported the incident to trading watchdogs as we feel it is misleading to market products as better value if you end up paying more. Why can’t supermarkets ensure that their bigger value offers are genuine? We’re urging people to write to Which? at homeeditor@which.co.uk with any more examples of this sort of misleading deal.’

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