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Top 10 most dangerous roads

Avoid the roads with the highest accident rates

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Britain’s top 10 dangerous roads

Crashes on Britain’s roads cost the nation £18bn a year. And half of all fatal road crashes occur on one tenth of our roads.

These are some of the stats that will be a key focus of next week’s Road Safety Week. Starting on Monday 22 November, the theme for this year’s Road Safety Week is reducing speed.

Here is the list of the top 10 most dangerous roads in Britain, supplied by global road safety campaign group EuroRAP.

Which are the roads in Britain you should try to avoid?

The survey covered 28,000 miles of Britain’s roads and calculates the roads with the highest risk and costs due to crashes.

All the roads in the top 10 are single carriageway and do not include motorcycle crashes.


Crashes cost the nation £18bn a year

1. A537 – Macclesfield – Buxton, Cheshire/Derbyshire

Length: 12km

This stretch of road in the North West is a notorious piece of carriageway for accidents. Between 2006 and 2008, this 12km section of road recorded 34 collisions. That’s more than double the amount of crashes on the same section of road between 2003 and 2005.

2. A5012 – A515 (Pikehall) – A6 (Matlock), Derbyshire

Length: 15km

A total of 28 crashes in the last six years have earned the A5012 the second worst rating in Britain. This is scored as the most dangerous piece of road in the East Midlands but, despite being 3km longer, it recorded less than half the number of collisions compared to the A453 between 2006 and 2008.

3. A621 – A619 (Baslow) – Totley, Derbyshire/South Yorkshire

Length: 9km

Continuing the trend of dangerous roads in Derbyshire, the A619 accounted for 12 collisions between ’06 and ’08. However, this was an improvement on the three previous years.

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The top 10 most dangerous are all A roads

4. A625 – A623 (Calver) – Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Length: 13km

Like the A621, the number of collisions in the three years from 2006 to 2008 has improved compared to the three years previous. However, the number is only down by one, to 10.

5. A54 – Congleton – Buxton, Derbyshire

Length: 24km

The A54 is the longest of the roads to feature in the top ten most dangerous roads in Britain. A total of 20 collisions took place between ’06 and ’08, up from 18 crashes between 2003 and 2005. The A54’s inclusion also means four out of the top five most dangerous roads are in Derbyshire.

6. A581 – A59 (Rufford) – A49 (Chorley), Lancashire

Length: 11km

This twisting A-road is littered with junctions, which could be why a total of 13 crashes took place between 2006 and 2008 on this 11km stretch of carriageway. It’s a persistently dangerous road, with 11 crashes between ’03 and ’05.

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Next week is Road Safety Week

7. A5004 – A6 (Whaley Bridge) – Buxton, Derbyshire

Length: 12km

The fifth most dangerous road in Derbyshire is also the seventh most dangerous road in Britain. It’s also the third road to feature in the top 10 in the Buxton area. Figures are fairly consistent for the A6, with 24 crashes in the last six years, split evenly over the two three-year periods of review.

8. A675 – M65 J3 (Blackburn) – Preston, Lancashire

Length: 7km

At just 7km, the A675 is the shortest section of road featuring in the top ten most dangerous. This single carriageway saw 19 accidents in six years, but there has been a slight decline in the last three years. Despite the numbers being low, the relatively short length of the road means it’s rated as the eighth worst.

9. A61 – Barnsley – Wakefield, South/West Yorkshire

Length: 10km

This is the second worst rating for a road in the Yorkshire region. The A61 recorded 17 collisions between 2006 and 2008. There were even more crashes between ’03 and ’04 – 18 in total.

10. A285 – A27 (Chichester) – A272 (Petworth), West Sussex 

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Length: 19km

The A285 takes the final position in the top 10 most dangerous roads, with a total of 38 crashes between 2003 and 2008. In the three years starting from 2003, there were 21 crashes on this road. For the three years from 2006, this number has fallen to 17.

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