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Virgin ups 0% balance transfer deal to 16 months

Credit card is now joint-best interest-free offer

Virgin Money Richard Branson

Virgin Money has boosted the 0% period on its balance transfer credit card from 14 months to 16 months, taking it to joint top of the Which? Best Rate 0% balance transfer table.

Balance transfers attract a fee of 2.89% and the introductory rate only applies to transactions made within 60 days of the account opening date. Once the introductory period ends it reverts to a typical interest rate of 18.9% (variable). The new card also offers 0% interest on card purchases for three months.

As the Virgin Credit Card is issued by MBNA you can’t transfer a balance from another credit card issued by them.

All new Virgin Money Credit Cards will incorporate contactless technology allowing customers to pay for items worth up to £15 just by swiping their card.

  • UPDATE: NatWest and RBS have also announced they are extending the 0% balance transfer period on their Platinum MasterCard credit cards to 16 months. The cards are available to existing current account customers.

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