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Barclaycard 0% balance transfer now 17 months

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Barclaycard has increased the 0% period on its Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer Visa to a market-leading 17 months, taking it to the top of the Which? Best Rate 0% balance transfer credit card table.

If you transfer a balance of £3,000 or more by the end of January you’ll receive £20 knocked off the transfer fee, which is charged at 2.9% of the balance transferred. The card comes with a standard APR of 16.9% on new purchases. 

Pay your balance faster

With the average interest rate on a credit card around 17%, switching an existing balance to the card could help you pay off your balance much more quickly and save you hundreds of pounds.

For example, switching a £5,000 credit card balance to the Barclaycard deal and repaying the debt at £100 a month would save you around £850 in interest over the 17-month 0% period, even after paying the balance transfer fee of 2.9%.

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