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Coronation Street is soap’s unluckiest road

Insurance bill hits £300,000 before tram crash

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On the eve of the long-awaited Coronation Street tram crash, a new report reveals the real-life cost of the crime, mishaps and disasters that have hit the Street’s residents over the past three years.

As the soap celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, insurance company esure has calculated that Coronation Street is the most claim-prone location in soap; over the last 36 months, £315,620 worth of damage has been caused to the road’s properties, or has hit its householders.

The biggest single contribution to this mammoth insurance bill was made by the siege, fire and explosion at Weatherfield’s Underworld knicker factory in July 2010.

Overall, according to esure, Corrie’s residents are far unluckier than most people living in Manchester – with the cost of claims for wrecked property and personal injuries three times higher than on the average street in the city.

David Platt: ‘television’s biggest insurance nightmare’

In addition, popular Coronation Street bad boy David Platt has been dubbed ‘television’s biggest insurance nightmare’ by esure. Regularly involved in bust-ups with other Street residents and recently accused of attempted murder, David also wreaked a £10,000 trail of destruction on a single day in 2008 when he vandalised windows and vehicles with a metal pole.

Elsewhere in esure’s report, Albert Square was named soap’s hottest spot for criminal damage with over £70,000 worth suffered by EastEnders characters in the past three years.

Meanwhile, the streets of Hollyoaks are apparently the most dangerous to walk alone at night. Esure says the soap has featured the highest number of robberies in the last 36 months, with 32 acts of theft and five muggings.

Insurance claims by Corrie’s beleaguered characters are likely to hit a new high towards the end of 2010, as tonight’s tram crash is set to cause serious damage to some of the Street’s businesses and homes.

Home and car insurance are crucial

Nikki Sellers, head of home insurance at esure, commented: ‘The storylines that we see on TV soaps add up to a fortune in damage to cars, property and individuals. We may find them unbelievable, but real-life incidents are often not that far off – the exception being the extraordinary number of major explosions and incidents where items are wilfully ‘trashed’ by enraged characters.’

Which? insurance expert Dan Moore said: ‘Lucky for everybody, no British street is as dangerous as these fictional ones – but that’s no reason to ignore the need for good quality insurance you can rely on.

‘Third party car insurance is a legal requirement, but only a fully comprehensive policy would cover you if you were the victim of soap-style criminal damage, or caused an accident that destroyed your own vehicle.

‘Meanwhile, home buildings and contents insurance are must-haves – particularly at this time of year. With extreme weather conditions already upon us, and crime likely to increase over the Christmas period, people shouldn’t take any chances by cutting back their cover.’

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