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Dyson complaint about ad for rival vacs is upheld

Ad watchdog rules advert is 'likely to mislead'

Bosch BSGL3126GB Pro Energy vacuum cleaner

The Bosch BSGL3126GB Pro Energy vacuum cleaner

An advert for the Bosch Pro Energy vacuum cleaner has been banned by the advertising watchdog, who said it was ‘likely to mislead’ consumers.

The advert, which appeared in a catalogue, said that the Pro Energy provided ‘50% energy saving with no loss of performance.’

Rival vacuum company Dyson complained to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The ASA upheld the complaint, ruling that Bosch had not produced enough evidence to support the claim by the time the ad was released, and therefore was in breach of regulations.

We’ve reviewed two vacuum cleaners in the Pro Energy range – find out how the and Bosch BSGL3126GB Pro Energy fared in our tests.

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Since a catalogue showing the advert was released, Bosch and Dyson have tested the low-energy Pro Energy vacuum against higher-energy Bosch vacs to see if the claims in the advert could be proved. But the two companies ended up with differing results, with Bosch saying its test results supported the advert’s claims, and Dyson saying its tests proved that the advert’s claims were incorrect.

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