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Five ways to save on Christmas TV

Top tips for saving on Xmas TV in 2010

If you want to cut the cost of watching Christmas TV in 2010 without missing your favourite programmes, our five top money-saving tips will help.

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Cut the cost of film viewing this Christmas

1. Don’t waste money on a subscription for Xmas TV

Whether a subscription service is right for you will depend on how much sport you watch and whether you want to watch the latest films on TV. Be sure you’ll make use of the channels on offer before splashing out. Visit our guide to TV subscription services to see what each one offers and how much they cost.

2. Consider television bundles

While there’s no choice but to get your phone line and broadband through BT if you opt for BT Vision, you could save by getting a phone, broadband and TV bundle from Sky or Virgin Media. Check these out before subscribing to a package. Be sure to include the cost of separate phone and broadband when comparing package prices. Visit our guide to phone, internet and TV packages for more.

3. Watch TV online for free

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five offer free catch-up TV on their websites and you can hire films or watch online through services such as Lovefilm, so consider these before deciding whether you need a non-subscription or subscription service. Read more about online TV in our dedicated guide.

4. Don’t pay quarterly for your TV licence 

Avoid paying for your TV licence by quarterly direct debit – it will cost a premium of £1.25 a quarter. If you are over 75 you can get a free TV licence and if you are 74 you are entitled to a short-term TV licence, which will cover you until you reach 75.

5. Choose Best Buy TV hardware

The cheapest Best Buy TV equipment will help you get set up for festive viewing without breaking the bank. Choose the cheapest Best Buy HD TV, Freeview set-top box and standalone PVR from our online reviews.

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