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Full speed camera data to be offered to public

Transparency will show impact of speed cameras

Driver approaching a speed camera

The public could be able to request full information about speed cameras

By April 2011, the general public could be able to gain access to full information on speed cameras, including accident rates at speed camera sites, vehicle speeds and the numbers of motorists prosecuted or offered training after offences recorded by a speed camera.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning has proposed local authorities and the police make full data about speed cameras more accessible to the public.

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Speed camera transparency

The announcement of the proposed plans to make speed camera details available was made by the Department for Transport (DfT) yesterday.

BMW Z4 going past speed camera

Accident rate data at speed camera sites could be made available

In the release, the DfT said it will be working with police and local authority representatives as well as the Highways Agency to discuss the details of precisely which details regarding speed cameras should be published and how.

Once a decision is made, the final requirements will then be confirmed by April next year.

Penning said: ‘Public bodies should be accountable and if taxpayers’ money is being spent on speed cameras then it is right that information about their effectiveness is available to the public.

‘The proposals I have announced today will help show what impact cameras are having on accident and casualty rates and also how the police are dealing with offenders.

‘This is in line with our commitment to improve transparency of government data so the public is able to make more informed judgements about the work of local and central government.’

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Motorist approaching speed camera

Speed awareness courses could be offered to more people caught speeding

More speeding motorists to be sent on courses

The news about making speed camera information more transparent comes at the same time as new police plans to extend the offer of speed awareness courses to drivers who break the speed limit by more than 10mph.

At the moment, only motorists in 30mph zones are offered to option of taking a speed awareness course instead of having three points on their licence and receiving a £60 fine if they are caught speeding below 39mph.

However, the Association of Chief Police Officers have proposed offering the £100 speed awareness courses to more drivers caught speeding to help fund local authorities who have turned off speed cameras due to spending cuts.

The speed awareness course could be available to motorists caught between 35 and 42mph in a 30mph zone, 46 and 53mph in a 40mph zone or 57 and 64mph in a 50mph zone.

The £100 fee to attend a speed awareness course instead of receiving three points and a £60 fine would be paid to the police, who would keep a third and give the rest to councils to help them keep speed cameras in their areas running.

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