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Northern Rock launches new online saving account

Savers can get 3% in their first year

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Northern Rock is offering consumers 3.00% interest on their savings, whilst still allowing customers easy access to their funds.

To qualify for the Northern Rock E-saver (Issue 4), you must have a deposit of between £10,000 and £100,000.

How does Northern Rock’s new savings account work?

For the first year of the account you will earn 3% on your savings, and each year after that will get a return of 1%.

The interest rate will only apply if your account balance remains above £10,000. If the balance falls below this figure, the interest rate falls substantially to the basic savings rate, currently 0.10%.

Where else can you get a decent easy access savings rate?

If you don’t have enough funds to qualify for this account, other options include the Post Office Online Saver, which allows you to earn 2.90% in the first year, with an initial deposit of just £1.

Similarly, the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society E–Saver (Issue 4) account pays 2.80% in the first year, and demands an initial deposit of just £1.

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