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Over 80% of Christmas gifts are bought by women

Women have Christmas all wrapped up

Christmas gifts

Not only do women buy and wrap the majority of Christmas gifts for family and friends, but some of them even buy their own gift, and give it to their partner to put under the tree – that’s according to a survey by department store Debenhams.

When it comes to buying gifts for others, men and women shop in very different ways, with most women making their purchases based on what they know will please family and friends, while most men would prefer to stick to a wish list, written out by the recipient.

The news comes just as Which? publishes its top 40 Christmas presents and reveals that around a third of Which? members received unwanted Christmas presents last year, and a quarter don’t know what they want this year.

Christmas wish list

Debenhams spokesperson Michelle Dowdall says: ‘In December we see men walking around our stores clutching on to wish lists as if they were winning lottery tickets, whereas women are much more adventurous and find inspiration as they go along.’

The study of 1000 pre-Christmas shoppers shows that when left to their own devices, men tend to stick to ‘safe’ presents, such as lingerie, perfume and jewellery, even though womens’ wish lists often include cosier items, such as jumpers, coats, and slippers.

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How to return unwanted gifts

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