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CES 2011: Sony cameras break the 16Mp threshold

Sony Cyber-shot range for 2011 with 16.1Mp photos

Sony H70

The new Sony Cyber-shot H70 16Mp digital camera

Sony has broken through the megapixel barrier with its latest range of Cyber-shot cameras for 2011, which feature high resolutions of 16.1Mp.

The new Sony Cyber-shot T110, Sony Cyber-shot J10, and Sony Cyber-shot H70 all allow users to capture 16.1Mp images.

16.1Mp resolution cameras

The big camera manufacturers have wasted no time in scrapping 2010’s resolution limit of 14Mp for a compact model. At the CES 2011 electronics show in Las Vegas, Sony, Fujifilm, Canon and Panasonic have all announced compact digital cameras which offer whopping resolutions of 16Mp – unthinkable only a year ago.

The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS and  Fujifilm HS20 EXR each feature 16Mp resolutions, and Sony has been quick to announce its own new range of high resolution cameras.

However, the question remains over just how useful such high resolutions really are when you’re dealing with a compact model with such a small image sensor.

Which?’s expert testing has found that cameras with high resolutions tend to perform less capably in challenging low light conditions, producing grainier photos. High resolutions are only truly useful if you do lots of digital cropping and editing or if you’re getting your photos enlarged to poster sizes – otherwise, they leave you dealing with huge file sizes that guzzle up memory space.

Furthermore, camera-buyers are becoming increasingly wary of the higher prices that large megapixel counts can command.

We’ll reserve judgment on the new Sony models and their high resolutions until we’ve had a chance to put them through their paces in our test lab.

Sony Cyber-shot T110 video review


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Leading the charge in Sony’s 2011 range of compact cameras is the Sony Cyber-shot T110. This slim, trendy model boasts a three-inch LCD touchscreen.

As well as taking 16.1Mp resolution photos, the T110 can capture 720p HD videos.

The T110 features Sony’s Sweep Panorama technology, allowing the camera to automatically stitch together a series of shots as you pan it across a scene.

Sony Cyber-shot H70

Next up in Sony’s 2011 range is the Cyber-shot H70.

The H70 combines the high resolution 16.1Mp sensor with a generous 10x optical zoom lens.

The lens on the H70 begins from a wide angle of 25mm, making things much easier if you’re trying to fit more into your shots without having to stand further back. The H70 also features Sony’s Sweep Panorama technology.

Sony Cyber-shot J10

Last up is the Cyber-shot J10, a compact camera designed to let you easily transfer your photos and videos onto a computer.

Thanks to a built-in USB arm that tucks into the camera body, you can connect the J10 directly to a computer without the need for any further cables.

The J10 features a built-in memory of 4GB, letting you store your photos and videos directly onto the camera without the need for a separate memory card.

Like the H70 and T110, the J10 also features a a 16Mp resolution. Pricing and release dates for these models are yet to be confirmed by Sony.

Confused by the escalating megapixel count? Read our straightforward advice on choosing and buying the best digital camera to help you understand what to spend your money on.

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