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Gillette unveils new Fusion ProGlide Power razor

New razor with Gillette’s thinnest ever blades

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power

Gillette’s new ProGlide Power razor boasts Gilette’s thinnest-ever blades

Gillette has launched the new Fusion ProGlide Power razor – the latest addition to its growing family of Fusion razors with Gillette’s thinnest-ever blades.

Gillette says the ProGlide outperforms its existing Fusion razor, so we challenged our Which? razor blade expert Matt Stevens to try it out for two weeks. 

Matt says: ‘Like the Fusion Power Stealth previously tested by Which?, the ProGlide offers an extremely close-feeling and comfortable shave. But even if you’re a regular Fusion user, it will be hard to tell the difference in the quality of shave. A two-week trial of the ProGlide shows that with five shaving blades and one for edging, it’s very similar to other Fusion razors. 

‘The new blade cartridge didn’t give a noticeably different shave to other Fusion razors, but the re-designed shaft felt easier to control thanks to the extra gripping areas.’

Watch our first look video of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide to find out the full story.

Fusion ProGlide

There are two versions of the Gillette ProGlide, a battery-powered model and a manual version.The battery-powered Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power comes with one blade cartridge and is available priced £12.99. The manual version comes with two blade cartridges and costs £9.99. In our two-week trial, we didn’t notice improved results with the power on, so you could save some money by going for the manual version.

Blades are interchangeable between the Fusion and the Fusion ProGlide. So if you own one, and see the others on a special offer, you’ll be able to attach them without any problems. And ProGlide blades are the same for both the manual and the battery-powered versions.

We’ve tested other razors from Gillette – such as the Fusion Power Stealth, the Mach 3 and the M3 Power – to see how they compare with brands like Wilkinson Sword and King of Shaves for durability, closeness and comfort of shave. Have a look at our men’s razors review for Best Buy razors, including disposables.

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