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Washing machine explodes in UK home

Drum fault causes Candy washer explosion

Candy washer after explosion

The Candy GO1682-80 Grand ‘O after the explosion

Update – February 2011

We’ve been contacted by others that are worried about similar experiences. Here are some of the Candy images we’ve received.

A Candy washing machine has blown up in a UK home, injuring the owner when the top exploded during a spin cycle.

The model – a GO1682-80 Grand ‘O – bore the hallmarks of other machines that exploded in Germany last year (see our news story for more details), and Candy has confirmed that the same fault is to blame.

The owner reported a ‘huge clattering noise’, followed by ‘an explosion’ that blew the top off the machine and took the work surface and wall tiles with it.

Trading standards officer investigates

Senior trading standards officer Ann Jackson told us: ‘An investigation was under way within an hour of receiving the owner’s call and was immediately treated as very, very high priority.

‘Public safety must be the first consideration – this won’t be allowed to drag on. We’ll have more answers about this in a month.’

Reliable brands

Brand reliability is an important part of our reviews. As our annual reliability surveys don’t return enough data for Candy, none of their washers can be awarded Best Buy status.

Have a look at our guide to the best washing machine brands to see which manufacturers build machines that last. The reliability section of our washing machine reviews also ranks big names including Hoover, Bosch and Hotpoint for aftercare and reliability.

No recall

Candy washer and work surface after explosion

The Candy GO1682-80 Grand ‘O and the damaged work surface

Candy has confirmed that other high spin models built before September 2009 – when the fault was corrected in manufacturing – may also be at risk.

A spokesman was unable to say how many UK models have already been affected but said there will be no recall, claiming it is a ‘very small, very rare issue’.

Candy told us: ‘The chance of any pre-2010 stock still being available for sale is so unlikely as to be negligible’ – but accepted that second-hand purchases could still pose a risk.

What do you think about Candy’s approach? Join the debate on Which? Conversation – Would you keep a washing machine that might explode?

UK machines at risk

The UK machine was three years old when the explosion occurred, and the owner is concerned that any other pre-2009 models in people’s homes are like ‘a ticking time bomb.’

Email our home editor with your story if you’ve experienced a similar problem. If you’re concerned that your machine may be at risk, call Candy on 0844 499 5599 for advice. We’ll be following the trading standards investigation and keeping you up to date.

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