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What annoys you about supermarkets

Your top ten supermarket bugbears revealed


You’ve typically been to the supermarket 15 times in the past six months and our latest survey reveals the things that have annoyed you the most.

We asked over 12,000 Which? members what annoyed them about supermarkets:

1. Too much packaging (33%)

2. Long queues (32%)

3. Can’t find products easily (29%)

4. Obstructions in the aisles (29%)

5. Layout changed too frequently (27%)

6. Items on offer are out of stock (21%)

7. Self service rather than conventional checkouts (16%)

8. Trolleys that don’t steer well (15%)

9. Shelves that aren’t well stocked (15%)

10. Fruit and vegetables aren’t fresh (10%)

Supermarkets survey

To find out which supermarkets you like the most and least, Which? members can read the full article. If you’re not a member, you can sign up to Which? for £1 for a one-month trial.

If you’re one of the people who’s most annoyed by too much packaging, send in your pictures to helpwanted@which.co.uk. You can see the best ones in our gallery of excess packaging and read our guide to how you can reduce the amount of packaging you throw away.

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